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A Magic Steeped in Poison Book by Judy I. Lin

A Magic Steeped in Poison Book by Judy I. Lin

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✅ A bookmark is free with this book
✅ 80gsm kornofuli off-white pages
✅ Matte cover
✅ local premium copy
✅ Genre - Fantasy, Young Adult
✅ Language - ‎English
✅ 318 pages
✅ Dimensions - 5.5 x 8.26 inches
✅ summary -

"A Magic Steeped in Poison" by Judy I. Lin is a standalone young adult fantasy novel. The story follows a young witch named Clara, who possesses a unique and dangerous magical power – the ability to brew deadly potions. Clara's unusual talent makes her an outcast in her magical community, and she is forced to hide her gift. However, when her village faces a dire threat, Clara must confront her powers and unravel a dark secret that could have far-reaching consequences. The novel explores themes of identity, courage, and the choices we make when faced with extraordinary abilities. It's a captivating tale of magic, danger, and self-discovery.

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