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Happily Ever Afters Book by Elise Bryant

Happily Ever Afters Book by Elise Bryant

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✅ A bookmark is free with this book
✅ 80gsm kornofuli off-white pages
✅ Matte cover 
✅ local premium copy
✅ Genre -  Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
✅ Language - ‎English
✅ 267 pages 
✅ Dimensions - 5.5 x 8.26 inches 

✅ summary - 

"Happily Ever Afters" by Elise Bryant is a standalone young adult contemporary romance novel. The story follows Tessa Johnson, an aspiring young writer who attends a prestigious creative arts school. Tessa is struggling with writer's block and the pressures of living up to her own high expectations. To find her creative voice, she embarks on a mission to experience her very own real-life love story, inspired by the romance novels she adores. As she navigates relationships, friendships, and her passion for writing, Tessa learns valuable lessons about love, identity, and the complexities of crafting her own happily ever after. The book offers a heartwarming and relatable narrative about young love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one's dreams.

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