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Never the Wind Book by Francesco Dimitri

Never the Wind Book by Francesco Dimitri

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✅ A bookmark is free with this book
✅ 80gsm kornofuli off-white pages
✅ Matte cover
✅ local premium copy
✅ Genre - Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction
✅ Language - ‎English
✅ 267 pages
✅ Dimensions - 5.5 x 8.26 inches
✅ summary -

"Never the Wind" by Francesco Dimitri is a standalone contemporary fantasy novel. The story explores the concept of a parallel world connected to ours through the wind. In this world, there are those who can travel through the wind, known as "Windstars," and the book focuses on their journeys and experiences. The novel weaves together multiple narrative threads to create a captivating and imaginative exploration of parallel realities, the power of stories, and the mysteries of the wind itself. It combines elements of fantasy and contemporary fiction to offer a thought-provoking and evocative narrative.

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